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VOR Market Research | Brazil Market Research Company

Independent full-service market research agency committed to deliver high quality services. Specialized in customized qualitative and quantitative B2C and B2B research solutions, we deliver timely and actionable insights. Based in Brazil, VOR operates throughout Latin America.

assessment3  Assessment

VOR Market Research is a full-service research company. VOR helps its clients assess their research needs with accessible, clear and prompt client communication throughout the process.

planning   Planning

We identify the best methodology and technology to take your research project and results to the next level.

mngt2   Management

We manage all phases of your research project with focus on quality and results. Our “short leash” project management approach guarantees you the valid data you need to make the best business decisions.

competences   Competences

Our core competences are high-quality service with a focus on our clients’ business. We cover Brazil and Latin America.

VOR Market Research - Brazil Market Research Company

Extensive experience in both Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methodologies:

• CATI • CAPI • Intercepts • Central Location Testing • In-Home Uuse Test • In Depth Interviews • Focus Groups • Product Tests • Concept Tests • Ethnography • Clinics • Customer Satisfaction • Price Elasticity • Brand Positioning • Nomenclature Studies • Mystery Shoppers • Shop Along • Online Research • Desk Research •

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