About us

VOR Market Research | Market Research Institute Brazil


  • VOR Market Research | Market Research Institute Brazil is a dynamic full-service market research institute.

  • We design, implement and execute Ad Hoc research projects.

  • VOR offers customized research methodologies and creative solutions.

  • We conduct projects in Brazil and in Latin America.

  • VOR conducts projects in Portuguese, in English and in Spanish.

  • The same team designs, coordinates, develops screener and guide, manages recruiting, manages fieldwork and moderation, analyzes data and writes the report allowing for consistency, control and quality.

  • We deliver timely, accurate and insightful results.

  • We have conducted research for a wide range of industries, including Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Insurance and Consumer Products.


  • Strict and precise recruiting

  • Experienced, trained and motivated fieldwork team

  • Guides and questionnaires pre-tested

  • Thorough validation of the fieldwork and respondents

  • “Short leash” project management approach

  • Experienced moderators

  • High-quality translations and simultaneous interpretation during focus groups

  • In-depth statistical analysis

  • Regular reporting keeps you up to date on our progress

  • All data reviewed for errors

  • Security and confidentiality of all data throughout the project

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